STARS SEN Information Report: Local Offer

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Information and Guidance/Points of Contact

Who should I contact to discuss the concerns or needs of my child?

Prior to referral to STARS, (Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service), concerns regarding the needs of your child should be discussed with their school. If your child has medical needs these should be discussed with a medical practitioner. Access to STARS is by referral only, via the pupil's home school with supporting medical evidence. The focus of STARS is to reintegrate pupils back to their home school as soon as is practical.

Following agreed referral to STARS, concerns or needs of the pupil can be discussed initially by appointment with the Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion).

Assessment, Planning and Review/Partnerships for Progress


  • How does the school know how well my child is doing?
  • How will I be kept informed about how well my child is doing?
  • How regularly will I be updated on my child's progress?
  • Will I know if my child is not making progress and what will happen?

Pupil progress is monitored through half termly assessments and pupil progress meetings with staff. Pupils at STARS receive written reports twice a year alongside academic appointments in the Autumn and Spring terms and periodic reviews known as Structured Conversations.

Review meetings are organised in liaison with the pupil's home school to discuss progress and readiness for reintegration.

STARS may access additional support from external agencies where applicable. Application for Education, Health and Care Plans may be made in collaboration with the pupil's home school where appropriate.

STARS work in partnership with medical professionals in supporting the progress of the pupil in light of their medical needs.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods ( including groupings / interventions )


  • What is the curriculum and how is it taught?
  • How will the curriculum be adapted to meet the needs of my child?
  • How flexible can teachers be in meeting the needs of my child?
  • Is there any additional support available to help my child reach his/her expected outcomes?

As far as possible pupils should be able to access the curriculum and materials that they would have used in school. This will include the provision of normal school work and may involve the use of the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment e.g. FROG and Fronter). Teaching at STARS usually takes place in small groups, although 1 to 1 is provided where essential.

For pupils with longer term medical needs which delay reintegration, a programme of up to 25 hours (full time) provision is offered which includes English, Maths, Science, Humanities, PSHE, Sport and Creative skills.

Pupils have personalised learning programmes: planning takes account of individual needs and pupils may also access on-line learning and other alternative provision as appropriate.

Grouping maximises learning opportunities and allows for directed learning support where necessary.

Medical needs are accommodated through individual timetable provision which is regularly reviewed.

STARS works closely with a range of specialist services.

Access to Learning and the Curriculum


  • Are there any special features or strategies to help children learn?
  • How do I know my child's particular need will be met?

Staff at STARS have general working knowledge of SEN and of a range of medical issues, and access regular specialist support and training.

STARS offers small group teaching with specialist subject staff.

STARS works in partnership with a range of external agencies to promote learning and progress and specialist support can be accessed from various agencies. Individual pupil needs are discussed with parents/carers on referral and plans are agreed to support any individual needs with subsequent review of progress and impact of support.

Tests and Assessments : Access Arrangements


  • What arrangements are available for pupils to access tests and assessments?
  • How will I know if my child qualifies for additional support or time to access tests?

The Examinations Officer at STARS' works closely with home schools to ensure access to a range of exams.

Access arrangements for additional time and support within statutory exams are carried out by the Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion).

With parental permission, further diagnostic testing may be carried out by the Educational Psychology Service to support additional access arrangements for public exams.

Bespoke seating and room arrangements for exams are provided to appropriately support pupils with medical and emotional needs.

Social and Emotional Support


  • How does the school help my child to feel comfortable and safe and manage social situations?
  • How does the school help develop my child's social and emotional skills?
  • What is the school's policy on bullying?

STARS works with pupils, parents/carers and a range of professionals in supporting social and emotional needs including pupils with social anxieties and phobias. With a higher staff:pupil ratio, STARS has the capacity to respond quickly to meeting individual needs as they arise.

Emotional wellbeing is addressed through the curriculum and PSHE programme. Personalised programmes are provided where appropriate.

STARS has a strong home school liaison and there is a strong ethos of pastoral care.

STARS employs a Senior Social Worker to support pupils and their families.

STARS has an Anti-bullying Policy and procedures (as available on the STARS website) and clear "Expectations" for pupil behaviour, which underpin the ethos of STARS, are discussed with pupils on a regular basis.

Behaviour is monitored closely, there is timely and appropriate response to any incidents and adults are readily available for pupils to share any concerns.

Accessibility to Premises and Facilities


  • What facilities are in the school to assist children with disabilities move around the building and take part in lessons?
  • How do I know my child will be able to access all lessons ?

STARS is the medical pupil referral unit for pupils who are resident in the London Borough of Sutton. All sites are accessible for pupils with disabilities and meet statutory guidelines.

All pupils are encouraged to attend as many lessons as their health needs permit. Learning support staff are available to support pupils with disabilities.

Individual pupil needs are discussed with parents/carers on referral and plans agreed to support any individual needs.

Working with others


  • Who does the school work with?
  • How does the school work with other agencies?
  • How will I be informed?

STARS works and liaises with a wide range of agencies, which includes meetings both on and off-site, including in schools.

Parents/carers are involved in the process before any work with other agencies is agreed.

Parents/carers are included in reviews with multi-agencies and STARS staff, alongside the home school.

STARS employs a Senior Social Worker to support pupils and their families.



  • How will the school help my child settle with confidence and manage change as they move between schools and year groups?

Staff at STARS work to support transition from many different settings - hospital, home, school and moving within year groups. This is achieved by effective home-school liaison.

Transition is overseen by the Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion).

Personalised timetables are given to individual pupils and reviews are held with pupils, parents/carers, school colleagues and medical practitioners to agree changes where appropriate.

Supported reintegration programmes are planned by the Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion), in liaison with school, parents/carers and pupils.

Other Headings and Comments

Further information about the Service and statutory policies are available within this website.