Preparation for Working Life

Subject Leader: Candida Cox



P4WL (Preparation for Working Life) responds to the changing economic and social climate to ensure pupils are well prepared and informed in relation to all aspects of the working world. 
P4WL is a new subject at STARS and one we encourage all Year 11s to take part in.  Pupils must prepare an application covering letter and a current CV as part of their coursework which is a first for most pupils. The subject goes on to cover all aspects of working life from the effects of Globalisation on the workplace, to pay slips and the importance of a work/life balance.


P4WL is well suited to the STARS Year 11 cohort.  Many are beginning to want part time jobs and to think about what they want for future employment.  Working in partnership with the Year 11 PSHE teachers, we aim to use both curriculums in harmony with each other to instill in our pupils a depth of understanding and basis to go in to the working domain.
Teaching in P4WL is high quality and pupils are positive about their learning and enjoy the subject.  All lessons are well planned, structured and resourced.  Pupils are given purposeful and effective written and oral feedback about how they can improve and pupils are encouraged to respond to this feedback to further their understanding.
This year P4WL will not be an examined subject.
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